There is growing evidence that demonstrates traditional teaching techniques that rely on grammar translation do not teach students to use a language in everyday conversation.  Instead, direct and collaborative methods that focus on oral skills are proving to be much more effective.


At Language Fellows, we combine natural and community learning methods to empower students to reach their speaking goals and books are always optional. We encourage students to complement their study at home using appropriate books and digital content. Nevertheless, we believe that are no substitutes to teaching in person.


The natural way of learning a language is the only way for young children. They learn by imitating family members, and they learn more effectively when they experience first-hand fun and sensory stimulation.  Because they want to express themselves and are motivated to do so, they start to form words and phrases. They also begin to speak with confidence when they learn in a rewarding, stress-free environment.


Language Fellows reproduces this approach and environment in programs for young people and adults.  Because people learn best in different ways, we offer small group, semi-private and one-on-one programs that provide cultural activities and events designed to help you identify and overcome cultural barriers in real life situations.

How we do it

Upon request, private and semi-private tutoring in Spanish or French is available with the convenience to meet at your home or in our Highland Park facility.  Call us to meet and explore your needs at (847) 780-4394. Private tutoring rates is $50 per hour and Semi-Private is $40 per hour, both with a minimum of 10 hours.



Private and Semi-Private (2 or 3 persons) Programs

We customize our courses to meet your needs for special interest courses in Spanish such as medical, government, missionaries and business. Call us to find out how we can serve you at (847) 780-4394.

Custom Group Courses