I am happy that I have a chance to be in Maria's class. She is very enthusiastic about teaching Spanish and she makes sure all students are engaged and have a chance to practice their Spanish. Students in her class are comfortable and try to learn and use their conversational skills, the only way to properly learn a foreign language. Maria is a native speaker of Spanish and, therefore, best fit to teach the language.


- Eva

Maria is native Spanish speaker from Mexico. She is trilingual as she is fluent in English and French also. Maria provides a warm, friendly, and encouraging environment in which to learn Spanish. She is very patient with her students and they learn at their own pace with just enough challenge to keep them moving forward without being overwhelmed. The “conversational” Spanish Maria teaches is the everyday spoken language that is used in Mexico and most of Latin America. You will learn proper pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. Her cultural heritage also provides practical context to the language you are learning.


If you’re looking to learn Spanish in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, from a very competent instructor, I highly recommend Maria Lefebvre.


- Kirk

Maria is a gifted teacher, and her enthusiasm and humor make learning fun because she creates an atmosphere in which students are engaged and comfortable. Anyone who has struggled to learn a language in the traditional way knows that while vocabulary and grammar are important, the only way to really master a new language is through conversation. As a native speaker of Spanish, Maria helps students make the subtle distinctions that are an important part of communication. If you want to learn a language that you can really use, Maria is the teacher for you!


- Carol Sonnenshein, Ph.D