It is impossible to teach a language without teaching some cultural aspects of its country of origin, especially to children. Culture is like an iceberg; we see a small portion of it from the outside but below lie the foundations of cultural identity. In the Language Fellows program, we lift cultural barriers in an environment that celebrates the richness of diversity.


The Language Fellows program is designed to take a student’s conversational and cultural skills from novice to adept.  Cultural enrichment is part of our language programs and cultural workshops are offered with a minimum of 6 participants.


It really is a smaller and smaller world, after all!   Call us today to learn more and get started on the road to speaking a second language like a native!

Cultural Programs (Adults)

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The length and frequency of classes varies according to students’ proficiency as well as his or her goals. If you are unsure about your speaking level, call us at (847) 780-4394 and we will be happy to assist you in selecting a course that meets your needs.

Adult Language Classes

 -LEVEL 1 focuses on the elements of speech such as syntax, pronunciation, and vocabulary needed for breaking the ice during typical travel situations or when meeting new people.


 -LEVEL 2 is for students who have completed Level 1, or who already speak and understand simple conversation. Participants expand their vocabulary so that they are able to express feelings, opinions and navigate in situations where English is not the primary language.  New verbs and conjugations in simple tenses are introduced in Level 2.


 -LEVEL 3 introduces more complex aspects of a language while increasing a student’s knowledge of idiomatic expressions.


Fellow Level:

If you have completed the three Apprentice levels, or if you are already fluent in a second language, the Fellow Level is for you. This class provides a friendly and fun way to achieve your personal goals and stay motivated while discussing subjects that interest you with others in a guided conversation.


Erudite level:

True communication is possible only when we are able to use language precisely. An educated native speaker uses more than 40,000 words and is able to converse on complex, abstract, and sometimes delicate topics. At the Erudite Level, students share ideas and opinions with other Fellows in an advanced discussion of society, arts, literature, and movies.

Apprentice Levels are designed to teach students basic linguistic skills and enable them to communicate confidently in a foreign language. They also prepare them for advancing into Fellow and Erudite Levels. Although the rules of grammar are not the primary focus, they will be incorporated into the content of each class.

Apprentice Levels:

it is a good option if you plan a trip to a Spanish or French speaking country. You'll learn what you need to get around and make the most out of your trip.

Courses are shorter and can be taken for in 4 to 8 weeks. Please call (847) 780-4394 for information.


Spanish / French Travel programs

Cultural and linguistic immersion travel

Experience France or Mexico like you never did before. Our thematic approach allow you travel stress free to culturally rich destinations and enjoy the native experience while discovering well-known  and hidden local treasures. Please call (847) 780-4394 for information.